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3 Indisputable Reasons to Add Hiking to Your Workout Regimen

Every now and then, I love to go on a good hike.  After doing some hiking last weekend, I realized how much I missed hiking and why I want to make it a regular part of my workout regimen.  One of  the benefits of hiking is that its a great activity to do with friends and family.  Another reason is that it is a great compound movement workout for those of you who are pressed for time.  Furthermore, it’s a really great way to become one with nature.


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Let’s get into the 3 indisputable reasons why adding a hike to your workout regimen is somewhat of a game changer:


  • Enjoying nature is a really good way to take our minds of the demands of the task at hand.  This serves the same purpose as listening to your favorite song while going for a run.  Sometimes we need to focus on other things, so that we can muscle through a demanding workout, and soaking in the sights does just that.  Theres nothing like breathing fresh air and soaking in nature.  This is also good for sharing the experience with others such as a significant other, family, or friends.


  • Taking a workout partner can be a great way to bond.  This can even be used for the purpose of a cheap date, so that you can create a great relationship building environment without the extra expense.  If it is a family member, or friend that is joining you then you guys can hold each other accountable for completing the hike.   However you look at it, bringing someone along never hurts. Besides, hiking can be demanding on the entire body, so having someone to motivate you is a plus.


  • Hiking is a great way to incorporate your entire body in one workout.  This means if you don’t have time to work different body parts on different days then this is a great workout for you.  When walking up hill you are working your glutes, hamstrings, and quads.  This an excellent way to build your cardiovascular system as well.  Just think of the stair master with the added benefits of the great outdoors.  However, your upper body is incorporated when you propel your body forward by pulling yourself up on rocks. or using a stick to propel forward.


These are just a few of the benefits I found to make hiking a great addition to my workout regimen, but with all the awesome benefits hiking has to offer, I’m sure you will find some reasons of your own.  Please be sure to drink plenty of water and move at your own pace.



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  1. Nice post, Venus. Those are 3 excellent reasons for hiking. I will admit I am not a hiker for the thought of injuring myself lol But I will be more focused on incorporating this into my fitness routine. Thanks again for the tips and keep up the fabulous posts!

    1. LOL, yes, there are easier trails too. Just being out in nature is a great workout, but also mentally good for you!

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